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Garden planner: design terrace, property and pool with PC and mobile phone


You use garden planners on your PC and mobile phone to plan your terrace, property, pool or entire gardens. These software tips enable perfect garden design.

Garden planner: design terrace, property and pool with PC and mobile phone: The 6 most popular free downloads - sorted by popularity

With garden planners, you can transform your desolate outdoor area into a true garden paradise. Design a garden according to your wishes on the PC or smartphone, including flower beds, terrace, swimming pool and carport. Not only your neighbors, but also your guests at the next barbecue will be impressed. We present you the best garden planners with all advantages and disadvantages.

  1. Gardena My Garden: Plan your terrace and plot online
  2. Obi garden planner: garden design software for individual projects
  3. Garden Planner is a virtual sketch pad for your garden ideas
  4. Free garden planner app
    1. Home Design 3D Outdoor & Garden
  5. When is it worth investing in a paid garden planner?
  6. Room planners and furnishing planners as a supplement

Gardena My Garden: Plan your terrace and plot online

Gardena My Garden

You can use the free My Garden web app from Gardena to draw and plan your gardening plans.

If you want to start planning your garden straight away without long download times, take a look at Gardena My Garden. The browser app can be used on both Windows and Mac PCs with an Internet connection. Basically, the software is easy to use, even if not as beginner-friendly as the Garden Planner program below. You can make it easier to get started with our instructions on how to plan your garden with Gardena.

You start by drawing in a garden area, ideally of course with the true-to-scale dimensions of your own garden. As in a drawing program, you apply meadows, paths and other floor coverings with just a few mouse movements. Objects such as flowers, garden furniture and many other things are available as direct templates that you can drag into your design. The slightly scribbled style has its charm, but doesn't seem realistic.

You can of course rotate, enlarge and reduce all objects in your 2D sketch. The fact that you can hide different objects or groups of objects makes it easier to use. The "sprinkler plan" with which you can create an irrigation plan for your sketch is special. When you are done, you not only hold the draft for your upcoming garden renovation in your hands, the software also suggests suitable Gardena products for implementation and gives you an outlook on the costs.

With Gardena My Garden you are well advised if you are looking for a garden planner that is quick and easy to use and can do without elaborate 3D representations and photo-realistic designs. We think: Gardena My Garden is the much better alternative to paper and pen. Since you can use the tool for free, you no longer have an excuse. Now start the download.

Obi garden planner: garden design software for individual projects

Obi garden planner

The Obi Garden Planner is an online tool provided by the company that you can use to plan patios, fences, balconies, raised beds and even pools.

Garden design includes a lot, from flower beds to fences, terraces and balconies to entire carpots, greenhouses, ponds and pools. Obi Garden Planner is a browser app that lets you design over twenty different types of gardening projects. In addition to a garden planner, the browser app also includes tips on garden design and inspiration photos.

You don't plan your entire garden at once, but the individual projects. You proceed step by step, first adapting the shape, coverings and structure before you take care of the decoration and surrounding elements. When choosing, you are not surprisingly reduced to Obi articles, the price per square meter of which is sometimes also specified directly during the processing process.

A preview image shows you every change in real time, but graphically there is still room for improvement. The information on difficulty and time required below are practical, with which you can estimate how complex it would be to implement the project in your garden. The Obi alternative cannot quite keep up with the diverse possibilities of downloadable garden planners.

Nevertheless, the online tool is a helpful assistant for your next garden project, especially if you do your shopping for it at Obi. With the program, you not only create a sketch for your project, you can also immediately see all the products that you need for it. Since it is an online app, you can use Obi Garden Planner for free on all devices with an internet connection.

Garden Planner is a virtual sketch pad for your garden ideas

Garden Planner

The Garden Planner is a useful program for planning and perfecting your garden.

In principle, Garden Planner works like a drawing program in which you insert all the important plants, decorations and furniture piece by piece using "drag-and-drop". You can choose to use the metric or Anglo-American measurement system for the design of your floor plan. With the mouse you draw fences, paths and gradually the complete layout of your garden.

Now the actual design begins. The Garden Planner offers an extensive catalog of objects with plants, garden furniture and you can even add a swimming pool to your design. You can change size, rotation and color as you wish. You can add texts and notes to all objects.

In contrast to many other free garden planners, Garden Planner is not limited to 2D sketches, but can also let you walk around in a 3D model of your sketch if you wish. Really photo-realistic designs are not possible, but thanks to numerous tools you are still surprisingly free in your design options. You save finished projects digitally or you can print out the sketch in order to implement your garden project on the basis of this.

Garden Planner offers many options for a free program, but it is far from giving you a realistic preview of your new garden. The software does not want to achieve that at all, but rather to offer you a sizable sketch pad for your PC when the renovation of the outdoor area is pending. In addition to a Windows and Mac version, you can also download Garden Planner on Android smartphones.

Free garden planner app

In addition to the PC programs presented, you can also plan your garden on your smartphone. While Garden Planner is only available as an Android version, for example, Home Design 3D Outdoor / Garden is a good alternative that you can use on both iOS and Android.

Home Design 3D Outdoor & Garden

Even with our app recommendation, you don't have to reach for your wallet, after all, Home Design 3D Outdoor & Garden is just as free as the other planners we have mentioned and it fits comfortably in your pocket. And for a mobile app, Home Design offers an amazingly detailed 3D editor for your planning.

As usual, you proceed in such a way that you first create your plot of land and then equip it with over 100 prefabricated objects. Operation is not always easy on smaller screens, but you shouldn't have any problems on the iPad. Although the scope is not as large as that of the competition, the manufacturers have also thought of objects such as children's play equipment or outdoor furniture. You can freely draw paths.

An augmented reality function even brings your 3D design into the real world via the smartphone view. A nice bonus. In general, we can't find any point of criticism in terms of performance and technology. Unfortunately, you are only allowed to use the free version of Home Design 3D Outdoor & Garden for one hour with all functions, after which the memory function is deactivated. Then you have to pay for saving via in-app purchase or buy the full version.

But even this is a real bargain with a single-digit price. Anyone who can cope with the somewhat smaller selection of design objects can expect a powerful garden planner for on the go. If you still need help with the app, take a look at our tutorial on Home Design 3D Outdoor & Garden.

When is it worth investing in a paid garden planner?

All of the garden design apps we have mentioned are basically free of charge, even if in some cases only for a certain period of time. These garden planners are mostly limited to rudimentary 2D sketches, but offer enough objects and design options so that you can start your next garden project. The Obi garden planner is the only software we mention that is limited to the management of separate projects.

But if you are looking for a really powerful garden planner with whom you can create elaborate 3D sketches, render your entire garden including all the smallest details and with which you can even view your design from a visitor's perspective, then you will lose money paid program not around. We at Netzwelt can offer you TurboFloorplan Architect 3D Garden Designer. The Windows tool isn't even particularly expensive at a low double-digit price.

Room planners and furnishing planners as a supplement

But what if you want to bring not only your garden but also your house or the entire property completely up to date? Then we have the right software for you in these areas too. Take a look at our room planners and our furnishing programs.

We'll tell you more useful tricks for garden design with these six tips for your perfect garden. Or you can find out from us how you can bring WiFi into the garden.