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The 25 best German-language stock market blogs that you as an investor should follow!

Tap that Financial knowledge of stocks & stock market professionals by looking at the Blogs from the best stock market bloggers in Austria, Germany and Switzerland view and subscribe. Stock news & Finance tips as Analysis of the stock markets, Investment products and much more is analyzed and discussed on these stock market blogs. A real gold mine of knowledge and information for all investors who want to invest in stocks, bonds, dividend stocks, options, ETFs, etc. on the stock exchange!

In case you think twice immerse yourself in the world of the stock market, or already invest in stocks are the ones listed here Top stock market blogs helpful sources of information. These are deliberately private websites by peoplethat either Part of the stock exchange business world are, or also Hobby stockbroker who talk about your experiences on the stock market - and not about stock market news from relevant news portals, which is often manipulated by the economy

In German-speaking countries countless finance blogs in circulation that deal with topics such as stocks, ETFs, funds, stock exchanges, options, dividends, etc. Many of them provide very helpful and informative tips for dealing with stocks and securities.

In our opinion 25 most informative and best Stock market blogs in German we have compiled for you here.


Recommended stock market blogs from Austria

The retail investors

The retail investor blog is powered by three Austrian students that report on the world of the capital market. Both the Stock exchange as well as banks and insurance companies analyzed. The retail investors have currently 2,500 followers on Twitter.

Christian Drastil

The Viennese namesake of this blog reports on Fintechs, Stocks and stock market news from the point of view of one Young entrepreneur he also tries the "Big picture“To uncover behind various events and developments. On Twitter Christian currently has 1,100 followers.

Swiss stock market & finance blogs


Blogger from the Switzerland who has been operating since 2008. He writes both in German, as well as on English. The blogger currently has 1600 followers on Twitter.

SFG Value

Are the founders of the platform three former students from Switzerland. Focus on tips and tricks for value investing in German-speaking countries and have on Twitter 165 followers.

Blogger for stock market tips & news from Germany

Share blog

German blog of intended for beginners is. No social media accounts available. author of the blog is Nico Popp from Karlsruhe.

Bjorn Junker

Björn Juncker is editor-in-chief at Goldinvest.de and has years of experience in the raw materials sector. Most of the articles on his blog are based on the Trading in commodity stocks specialized. Björn Junker leads no Twitter account.

Look log

Dirk Elsner runs the blog since 2008,works at DZ Bank as a senior manager. Currently 4,343 followers on Twitter. German blog that comments on current topics from financial and economic practice. (blicklog.com currently not available)

Depot blog

The depot blog is run by Lukas Gebauer, he does not work in the financial industry, but is passionate about the stock market. He writes about his experiences and assessments on the stock market. He deals mainly on the American market with futures and underlyings. No Twitter account available. Has 20 fans on Facebook.

The stock market blogger

There are currently three journalists reporting on everything that is going on on the stock exchanges and in business. Have a Youtube channel and currently 5,033 users on Twitter. Refer to themselves as Germany's leading stock market blog.


Joachim Goldberg

The blog is hosted by Joachim Goldberg guided and deals with the Behavioral economics. He has as Analyst and dealer at a large German bank worked as an analyst and trader. Currently the blog 1,200 followers on Twitter.

Egghat's Blog - The Wonderful World of Business

The blog is hosted by Dieter Meyeer operated and has 575 followers on Google Plus. Reports on current issues on the stock exchange and in the economy. The wonderful world of business currently has 294 likes on Facebook.

ETF blog

The ETF blog is run by the German Jürgen Nawatzki. He is mainly dedicated ETFs (Exchange Traded Funds). The ETF blog currently has 268 followers on Facebook.

Financial freedom with dividends

This blog is from Markos Wunram, a IT consultant and deals with how to maximize your passive income through dividends. Markos Wunram also operates a Youtube blog with time 80 followers. Markos Wunram is also the editor of the blog Dividend news.

Financially rethinking

There are currently more than 650 free items in which the German publisher Tips for building a passive income ldelivers. The free one Newsletter the blog is currently subscribed by over 2500 readers.

Financial journalists

Four independent journalists dedicate themselves in this blog to the events of the financial world. No social media accounts available

Financial rocker

Run by the German blogger Daniel Korth from Lübeck. The blogger is himself active in marketing and reports on his experiences on the stock exchange and in business. On Twitter the financial rocker currently has approx. 860 followers and up Facebook about 800. There is also a financial rocker YouTube channel with currently 226 subscribers.


The INTELLIGENT INVESTING BLOG is published by Michael Kissig from Germany operated and deals with the topic Value investing - So investing in undervalued and profitable stocks. Michael Kissig has on twitter currently 360 followers.

Investor Inside

The operator of the blog is Lars Röhrig of the blog since 2007 with content related to Finance and stock market fills. The blog was 2008, 2011 and 2012 for the German "Finance Blog of the Year" chosen by Smava. On Twitter are currently following the blog 1,320 people.

Capital market experts

The capital market experts observe the stock market intensively and bundle the information short for investors who are interested in the capital market, but not very much time have to deal with it. On Facebook the blog currently has 63 followers.

Mr. Market

Mr. Market is from Michael Schulte operated from Germany. He has been trading on the stock exchanges for 20 years and shares his experiences and ideas with his readers. There is one Outdoor and a premium area on the blog. No Facebook or Twitter page available.

Price and value share blog

A German math student posts his tips and analyzes of the stock market here. There represents He also its portfolio ready for the public.No social media accounts.

Risses blog

Will of that former broker and N-TV stock exchange correspondent Stefan Riße guided and filled with content. He also operates an Inside Riss video channel. His book “Inflation is Coming” is a German bestseller.

Tim Schafer

The German Tim Schäfer lives in New York and Frankfurt. He writes for his own blog and also for "Euro am Sonntag", "Börse Online" and the "Wirtschaftsblatt". Tim Schäfer mainly gives stock market tips on his blog. On Twitter currently follow him 1,127 users.

Value shares

Mario Brünjes is Management consultant from Germany and fills his own blog at irregular intervals with detailed analyzes of investment opportunities in the financial market. His blog was 2014 for one Finanzblog Award nominated.

Economic miracle

The former chief economist of the Financial Times Deutschland Thomas Fricke runs the Wirtschaftswunder blog. On Facebok currently has economic miracle 1,800 likes.

You are sure to find a suitable source of information for you among these 25 stock market blogs. This should make your activities on the stock market easier.

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