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ch ”. Eduvision. You can find the PRAXIUM publishing directory here. The range of specialist information for human resource management is large. But what criteria do you use to identify high-quality works and publications that meet expectations? This article informs with 10 criteria. With card2brain you learn effectively and successfully.

At card2brain you can learn on the computer as well as on the mobile phone; an app is also available to you. PRAXIUM Verlag is also represented with an inexpensive learning card. Buyers of two or more works from the PRAXIUM publishing house receive the “Fachlexikon für das Human Resource Management” worth CHF 35.

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Lifelong learning is inevitable for professionals today. This is more than a truism. This is all the more true in professions that are particularly exposed to technological, innovative change, or even help to drive it forward. Engineers are therefore well advised to take care of their professional development on a regular basis. Photo: panthermedia. net / alphaspirit This is particularly important if the further training is not initiated by the company and should go beyond the operational issues for one's own career.

Done. ”If you are looking for a clearly defined specialist course for software or machine operation, it might just work out. But mostly finding the right training or even the right training topic is not that easy. There are three tricky questions to be clarified in advance: The key are these three questions, resp.

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Digitization of the world of work, industry 4.0, big data - these are key words that represent the rapid pace of technological change. Engineers in particular are well advised to deal with developments and trends and to keep themselves professionally fit for the future world of work. I had already learned how you can actively do this in the blog of the VDI e.

described. The need for key qualifications and soft skills for engineers is repeatedly affirmed by experts as well as in job advertisements, in addition to legally necessary training courses and highly specialized training courses. Management skills, professional handling of technological change, contemporary leadership skills, these are topics that can often be found in surveys and job advertisements. While it is relatively easy to define which technically or legally necessary further training comes into question, such as CAD training or occupational safety training, this is more difficult with management issues.

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You can achieve this in three ways, for example: Take a look at ingenieur's job portal, for example. de, what demands companies place on their new employees in terms of communication, management and leadership. In the advertisements and the accompanying texts for the individual job categories, you will also find information on topics relevant to further training, for example project management, process management and quality management.

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What could be more natural to look at the profiles of engineers who work where you want to go in the future? Which skills and which training courses can you find in the corresponding profiles? Which of them suit you and your goals? Go have a coffee. Have informal conversations with colleagues from your industry, executives from your target companies and professions.

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When you have found your training topics and want to make them independent of your employer, the Herculean task is now yours: to find the right training for your topics. The continuing education landscape in Germany is inconsistent and less structured than schools and universities. The search for the right training offer is correspondingly demanding.

Well-known databases such as the Kursnet or the IHK advanced training database show so many offers that it is sometimes difficult to choose. Nevertheless, further training databases provide an initial orientation on topics and specific courses. My tip: Concentrate on two or three seminar databases and take the next steps after the first exploration. Many institutions offer training advice, e.

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the chambers of industry and commerce, adult education centers, many universities and neutral advice centers of sponsoring associations. Depending on where you work or live, these offers are often regionally limited and also like to refer to your own offers. Special training advice for engineers: rather nil. Of course, you can also find further training offers using a search engine. This makes it easy to find offers as long as you know the exact names of your planned further training.

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Systematically go out for coffee with graduates from continuing education. Ask them how satisfied they were with their offer: How was the implementation organized (face-to-face courses, webinars, distance learning), what was the quality of the lecturers, how was the preparation and implementation of the exam? In particular, ask how the further training could be used professionally. Was it possible to apply the content of the training in practice? Did the further training pay for itself on the job? You can also do research on the internet for reviews of further training offers.

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Many engineers use the time between two jobs for further training. The time when looking for a job and unemployed is particularly suitable for this, because there is time. What many do not know: The Federal Employment Agency can support your further training as an engineer 100 percent. The prerequisite is that you find a recognized provider who demonstrably increases your professional opportunities and at the same time brings you up to date.

So it is sometimes also financially worthwhile to tackle the topic of "professional development" on your own initiative in order to develop your own career and to be prepared for the next changes in your working environment. You can find more contributions by Lars Hahn in the LVQ blog “Career and Further Education”, where the career advisor regularly writes about networks, careers and social media. web design education.

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Training courses are guaranteed to take place, regardless of the number of participants. Direct contact with the trainer for the best chances of success. IT trainings that really advance your company. Certified trainers, optimal equipment, optimal service Microsoft has changed its certifications. We have put together the most important combinations for you. In today's professional world, well-founded computer skills proven with current certifications are required in almost every field of activity.

B. ITIL® or PRINCE2® enjoy the highest esteem. But certificates are not an end in themselves - it depends on the skills you have learned. Companies of all sizes and from all sectors rely on their certified IT professionals, trained project managers and carefully trained management staff, because these valuable employees can significantly increase sales. The optimization of efficiency and effectiveness that is achieved with IT training can be observed, among other things, in applications from Microsoft (e.g.