How do you work out a meaningful life

Hope is the anchor of the world

(Wisdom from South Africa)

We live - but sometimes we may also ask ourselves how we can live if we ...

have no more resources to shape our lives,

no longer know what we still live for,

no longer know how to protect ourselves,

no longer know what gives us support,

no longer know who is in control,

no longer know where to go or where to go,

no longer know why we should still be alive at all ...

[more to live]


For this purpose I offer the following lectures, seminars and / or life topics:


1. "Discover the Bible"

a usually 14-day event that is open to anyone interested in discovering the Bible for themselves. [more]


2. "Man - a brilliant plan of God or why do I live in this world (God's meaningful plan for our life)"

Also as a seminar or course with the following subtitles:

  1. The Bible - a unique book
  2. Yahweh - the unique god
  3. The creation - God's unique action
  4. The human being - a unique freedom of choice and its consequences
  5. God's love - a unique reconciliation
  6. The community of believers - a unique affiliation
  7. The winner - a unique worldview
  8. Eternal fellowship - a unique future


3. "You are made wonderful and valuable ..." - after Psalm 139

Also as a seminar or course with the following subtitles:

... because God knows YOU in an intimate way;

... because God created YOU amazingly and wonderfully;

... because YOUR personality was created by God;

... because God created YOUR character;

... because God deserves YOUR thanks and recognition


... because God doesn't leave YOU anywhere and never alone


4. "Only together are we strong - or what the body teaches us about living together"

Also as a seminar or course with the following subtitles:

  • Fellowship according to God's model;
  • The first practiced believing community;
  • Community lives from the gifts of each member;
  • Community thrives on good relationships;
  • Community has a structure;
  • Community has an adversary;
  • Community challenges to good fight;
  • Community of service; ...


5. "Enough is not enough! "

(of priorities, enrichment and pursuit of our life)


6. "Suffering versus life?"

(Can there be a meaningful life despite suffering? Why me? ...)


7. "Do you want to get well?"

(Healing and prayer)



9. "There is no such thing as impossible - an employee is being built up" (Joshua)

10. "Risk factor: trust"

(Abraham - a daring belief)


11. "For God's sake be merciful!"

(why talk about mercy today?)


12. "The unthinkable is possible!"

(There are still signs and wonders; how the impossible becomes possible; experiences of an intercultural worker)


13. "You are a living soul"

(the importance of pastoral care, why pastoral care, what is pastoral care, ...)


14. "Our cross with the cross"

(The meaning of the man on the cross as bearer of pain, healer and liberator)




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