Should Judge Kavanaugh be judged

The hearing of Donald Trump-nominated Supreme Court judge Brett Kavanaugh began in Washington on Tuesday amid protests by the opposition Democrats.

Kavanaugh is a very conservative lawyer who would move the highest and ultimately responsible US court for many political and social issues to the right for decades to come. Judges on the nine-person body are appointed for life.

Kavanaugh's nomination is the second in President Trump's tenure after Neil Gorsuch. "He will be the decisive voice on some of the most important issues of our time," said Democratic Senator Dianne Feinstein. More than 90 percent of the documents Kavanaugh has written so far are inaccessible, she criticized.

Symbolic vigil

The Democrats held a symbolic vigil in front of the courthouse and asked for a hearing before a Senate committee to be postponed - but to no avail.

In the hearing room, at least 22 people were taken into custody for disturbing the peace after some loud protests. It was mostly women who criticized Kavanaugh's conservative stance on abortion law.

In advance, however, the judge, who had previously worked at the Federal Court of Appeal in the capital Washington, had made it clear that he considered a fundamental decision on abortion law from 1973 to be applicable law.

There was also criticism of Kavanaugh's attitude, for example, to campaign financing or gun law. Like Neil Gorsuch, who was also appointed by Trump, he is an advocate of a literal interpretation of the US Constitution.

In the second amendment to the constitution, the fathers of the constitution manifested a right to self-defense, which, however, in the opinion of critics, would no longer fully withstand a modern interpretation.

Important documents are missing

Above all, the Democrats criticized the fact that they did not receive important documents assessing Kavanaugh's professional past or only very late. Only twelve hours before the hearing began, the senators had access to 42,000 pages of material which, among other things, dealt with Kavanaugh's work as a member of President George W. Bush's administration.

The Democrats fear that the lawyer could influence the Supreme Court to prevent a possible prosecution of Donald Trump on constitutional grounds. Trump only poured oil on the fire on Monday with new tweets in which he criticized the work of Justice Minister Jeff Sessions once again.

Sessions Justice Department had two Republican Congressmen charged with financial crimes. The two MPs Duncan Hunter and Chris Collins, who are accused of enriching campaign funds, among other things, were among the first to support Donald Trump in the 2016 election campaign.

Loss of Republican seats feared

The President now fears that two important Republican seats in the House of Representatives could be lost because of the allegations and the short time left before the parliamentary elections in November.

Critics see in the tweets an inadmissible interference of the president in the work of the judiciary. For Trump, the parliamentary election is crucial - if the Democrats win a majority in the House of Representatives, he could face impeachment proceedings, or at least make his government work much more difficult. (sda / dpa)