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Is It Appropriate to Use the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator as a Selling Point in a Personal Statement?

As I am applying for a position in an engineering research position, I believe the above description will sell me well. In my personal statement, is "promoting" my specific personality a good or a bad thing? I am concerned that there is too much sanke oil and too little substance.

You are right to be concerned.

Unless you are certain that the potential target employer specifically appreciates such test results, you should not include your Myers-Briggs results in a personal statement, cover letter, or resume.

As you hinted at, many will assume that it is low in substance at best and snake oil at worst.

As a hiring manager, it would be negative for me that you seem to believe in the importance of such personality tests. Other hiring managers may see it differently, but why bother to risk this result?

Likewise, don't include your zodiac sign, IQ, results of a recent "love quiz," number of pushups, etc.

Find other ways to express your talent in your cover letter, résumé, and most importantly, in your interviews. Describe yourself using the terms that you think are applicable (including the terms your MBTI test scores suggest, if you wish). Just be ready to support your claims in other ways.

James Adam

Yes, I routinely score 'INTJ' on these tests as well. A potential employer got me to do an MBTI towards the end of an interview process - cost me the job as it was obvious that all the "introverted" types were being picked.

Ben Voigt

@ JamesAdam: A clear waste of time for everyone. Much better to just include "extrovert required" in the job posting.

Mobius pizza

Many Thanks. However, why should IQ be bad as it is a valid aptitude measure used in psychometrics?

Damian Nicodem

@JoeStrazzere I think IQ is actually a very valid and objective point to include in the event that you have recently been tested. While I would not divest credibility from an 'online quiz' IQ test, I would say that all correct IQ tests are of roughly equal validity (and virtually all of which are fully accepted by all professionals in the particular field) that You happen to be a member of MENSA is an excellent thing to do on a resume in my opinion. Source: I happen to have a mentally challenged daughter so I've done a lot of research in this area.