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A comparison of budget book apps for Android and iOS

Germans are generally considered to be very disciplined and orderly, but when it comes to finances, the wallet is sometimes quite loose. Statistically, one in five Germans has debts of (average) 33,000 euros. The biggest pitfalls are not the fixed costs, such as rent or electricity, but above all variable expenses or payments that are only debited once a year (e.g. for insurance). With a budget book app, you can identify unnecessary expenses more easily and make better use of potential savings. In this post we introduce you to the best tools for Android and iOS.

What makes a good budget book app?

A good household book software should support you in an uncomplicated and simple way with your personal bookkeeping and asset management and display entries and results clearly in graphical form.

Do I even need a budget book app?

Whether a budget book app is right for you naturally depends on you. However, if you hardly ever put your smartphone down, an app makes more sense than a notebook or PC software.

Should I invest in a paid tool or is the range of functions of freeware sufficient?

As a rule, the functional scope of the free apps is sufficient for keeping a normal household book. However, these usually have lower security standards with regard to online banking and data protection.


1. Bluecoins Finance & Household: Wide range of functions, easy to use

The free finance app Bluecoins is a budget book app for iOS and Android devices, which scores above all with its ease of use and a wide range of functions. You create your transactions by manually entering the amounts, categories and sub-categories. You can enter regular payments and fixed costs using the “Smart Autocomplete” function so that you do not have to enter them again at a later point in time. If necessary, you can also attach pictures, receipts or invoices to the entries. The app also differentiates between checking accounts, cash and savings accounts. With the help of the "Split Transactions" function, it is also possible to assign several categories to a transaction.

In addition to a daily summary, Bluecoins Finances & Household also offers a monthly calendar, numerous filter options (e.g. by content, category or account) as well as detailed statistics and clear graphics and percentage-accurate diagrams for the respective transactions.

The integrated budget tool shows a forecast of your finances based on a previously defined budget. The reminder function, which notifies you if an invoice is due, is particularly practical.

Your data is protected in Bluecoins by means of a password and fingerprint; an (automated) local backup is also possible at any time. For advanced functions, such as synchronization with a cloud account, you have to update to the premium version of the budget manager. This currently costs around 8 USD, but is also completely free of advertising.

Tip: Bluecoins Finances & Household also has a travel mode with which you can label extraordinary expenses (e.g. the fourth caipirinha in the cocktail bar) with appropriate labels.

2. Money Manager: If it could be a little more detailed

With the Money Manager, the free version already has a number of features that the competition only offers at an additional cost. This also includes the periodic deduction of amounts, which is particularly helpful when entering standing orders.

For each newly created entry, the tool asks for a large amount of information, such as category, time, amount, date and payment method. In addition, you can create additional descriptions and notes yourself or adjust the income and expenditure categories individually according to your needs. Money Manager can also be used by 2 people at the same time and is therefore particularly suitable for couples.

Depending on how detailed and precise your entries are, the application then creates statistics and diagrams from them. Another advantage of this method: The wealth of information makes it easier to filter your data later. You can bookmark frequently recurring payments so that you can easily add them at a later date.

Money manageralso comes with an account connection, which you can use to automatically debit recurring payments. ByWLAN connection, export the app data to an Excel file on your PC and edit them there. And security is also taken care of: To prevent unauthorized access to your data, you can secure the Money Manager app with a PIN code.

Tip: A good alternative for couples or families is MoneyControl, with which you can also manage multiple users. The basic version can also be used free of charge and offers a range of functions similar to Money Manager.

3. SayMoney: Save without advertising

The first thing you notice about the SayMoney household book is its attractive design. But the app also has a lot to offer in terms of functionality. Fortunately, there are no advertisements in the free version either.

Immediately after the start, you can record your monthly income and expenses (even in connection with different accounts or credit cards) and supplement these with notes or receipts if necessary. All data is added to the selected category, which you either select from the list or create yourself.

You can also set monthly budget limits for individual accounts. This will prevent you from overdrawing your account and make it easier for you to reach your savings goals. You can see at any time how far your budget has already been exhausted. In contrast to other apps, the processing of the individual categories in the SayMoney budget book is not done graphically, but only differentiated on the basis of colors and text.

The app also has voice control, which is still somewhat limited in terms of commands. However, if it has been further developed, it could enormously speed up the process of entering new data records.

Good to know: In the free basic version of SayMoney - Budget Book, a maximum of 10 standing orders can be created. To remove this limit, you have to pay 89 cents once.

4. My budget book: no internet connection

With the help of individual bookings and standing orders, you can see exactly how much money you have available each month or how much money you can put aside in "My budget book".

My budget bookis a universal app for Android and iOS that is one of the most popular in its category. In contrast to the competition, the developers do not rely on a fancy design, but instead (according to their own statement) focus primarily on the further development and implementation of customer requests.

So the app looks purely visually and in terms of menu navigation is no longer entirely up-to-date, but under the retro hood there is a whole potpourri of practical functions. The structure is very well structured so that income and expenses can be entered quickly and easily. With the help of individual bookings and standing orders, you can easily see how much money you have available each month. Thanks to the graphical representation, you can keep track of things over a longer period of time, even with larger purchases.

It also features the budget book app via a budget mode with which you can set savings goals depending on certain criteria or time periods. For recurring budgets, you can specify whether the remaining amounts should expire or be carried over into the next month.

For security reasons, my budget book has no internet access and therefore no account connection. If you still want to use this on several devices or save automatic backups in the cloud, consult the chapter "Synchronization" in the integrated instructions.

The app is available in 11 languages ​​and can be tested free of charge for one month. After that, a one-time fee of 2.99 euros is due.

Good to know: At the connect Awards 2014, my household book came in 3rd place in the “Finance & Business” category.

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A comparison of budget book apps for Android and iOS
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