Why is the UK getting poorer every day?

Brexit: How will the European Union develop without the UK?

With Great Britain, the EU is leaving an important member - in several ways:

First Britain has been a net contributor - despite the legendary British discount. The EU will miss this transfer. Or it has to be offset by other countries, for example Germany. That will create conflict.
Secondly Britain’s economic policy has traditionally been liberal. Great Britain, for example, always set counterpoints against protectionism and too small-scale interference by government agencies in the economy. This vote and its votes in votes will now be missing. This can have a very negative effect on Germany in particular, which is likely to be outvoted more frequently in the future when it comes to economic policy; at least as long as the government in this country remembers what is meant by social market economy. Finally, doubts were in order in this regard. But also - or especially - then the absence of the British is a problem: They can then no longer protect us Germans from our government!
Third politically it is also about Europe presenting itself as strong and united on the world stage. For this to be possible, the EU and Great Britain should not become too alienated as the British cut their cords.
Fourth Many European companies use the services offered by British capital market players, which after Brexit threaten to become either more expensive or inaccessible. This expertise can certainly also be built up in Frankfurt, Paris, Amsterdam or Dublin; but it is likely to cost time and cause adjustment problems.
Fifth Great Britain is important as a sales market for products from the EU. This applies to both preliminary and end products. British Isles companies are part of value chains. If this market is now hindered by tariffs and other trade barriers, production processes will be significantly disrupted.