The marriage certificate is compulsory for the passport

Marriage abroad - advice and re-certification of a marriage

You got married abroad or got married in front of an authorized person in Germany (e.g. at the consulate). Then you can have the marriage entered in a German marriage register retrospectively. There is no obligation to do so. In principle, properly issued marriage certificates (marriage certificates) from abroad are recognized in Germany. However, entry in the German marriage register can be an advantage. You can then obtain a German marriage certificate from the registry office at any time.

In any case, you must have your marriage entered in the register of residents at the Citizens' Registration Office.


  • residence
    • The registry office of the current or last German registered residence is responsible.
    • If none of the spouses ever had a domicile in Germany, the registry office I in Berlin is responsible (under further information).
  • Getting married abroad
    You got married abroad and
    • have German citizenship,
    • are entitled to asylum,
    • foreign refugee
    • stateless
  • Domestic marriage
    You married in Germany in front of an authorized person (for example at the consulate of your home country) and none of you has German citizenship.
  • Eligibility to apply
    The spouses are entitled to apply. If both spouses have died, the application can also be made by their parents or children.

Required documents

  • ID card or passport
  • marriage certificate
  • Birth certificate or certified copy from the birth register
    Current certified copy from the birth register for birth in Germany or birth certificate for birth abroad
  • In addition, if you have already been married or have a partner in Germany:
    • Certified copy of the marriage register of the previous marriage with a notice of dissolution from the registry office that certified your previous marriage
    • Certified copy of the civil partnership register of the previous civil partnership with a notice of termination from the registry office in which your civil partnership was entered
  • In addition, if you have already been married or in a partner abroad:
    • Marriage certificate and final divorce decree or death certificate
    • Civil partnership certificate and legally binding annulment decision or death certificate
  • Additionally, if you were naturalized at a later date:
    • Certificate of naturalization or citizenship certificate
  • Translation / legalization
    Foreign documents must be translated by a sworn interpreter in Germany.
    Certification (apostille or legalization) is required for different countries.
  • More documents
    This list is not exhaustive. Further documents may be required.


  • Application for re-certification - the spouses are German citizens: EUR 80.00 plus EUR 45.00 per spouse for whom foreign law must be observed
  • Marriage certificate in German: 12.00 euros
  • Multilingual / international marriage certificate: 12.00 euros
  • Certified copy from the marriage register: 12.00 euros
  • each additional certificate of the same type when issued at the same time: 6.00 euros

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