Some people are privileged

Say & MineThe privileged with the corona vaccination?

In our colloquial language, a privilege is something worth striving for. Some people feel privileged to live in a particularly beautiful place or to hold a prominent position at work.

According to the meaning of the word, a privilege is a special right reserved for an individual or a group. In the Middle Ages, some cities received trade privileges for certain goods or regions. And until 100 years ago, the nobility in Germany had a special legal position, i.e. privileges.

equal rights for all

In the modern constitutional state, on the other hand, everyone has the same rights - for example the basic rights of the first 19 constitutional articles in Germany - and no one is given preference. A principle that would be overridden by the granting of privileges.

That is why the term "vaccination privileges" for people with a corona vaccination is misleading. The principle of legal equality also applies in the current pandemic and even if basic rights are restricted - for a limited time and with the aim of civil protection.

No special right - but basic rights

If there is no longer any risk of infection from a vaccinated person, a restriction of basic rights would be more difficult to justify and this might have to be withdrawn. Then it would not be a matter of granting someone special rights, but of restoring the original legal status. Even if this only applies to a certain group, this group would not have any additional rights.