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Toto Wolff: Sprint races have been the smartest proposal in years

(Motorsport-Total.com) - The so-called sprint qualifying is coming. Formula 1 decided that. The format will be modified on three Grand Prix racing weekends to make room for a sprint race on Saturday, the result of which will determine the starting grid for the race on Sunday. And Mercedes team boss Toto Wolff is convinced of this concept.

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Wolff expects an upgrade to Zoom from an additional race start

"The fact is: This is the smartest proposal in years, if you compare it with the fallen grid. So I think we have to do it and try it," said Wolff on 'Sky'. He himself had repeatedly spoken out against formats with a fallen starting line-up.

Another race, with "another start", could only be good for the Formula 1 format. "And maybe it can be expanded into a kind of Grand Slam in the long term," says Wolff, "in order to upgrade some weekends."

Wolff does not see any negative side effects

He himself is open to the approach and is "really curious how it works, and I hope it does."

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He does not believe in negative side effects for the outcome of the world championship, although championship points will also be paid out for the new sprint race, according to the key 3-2-1 for the three best-placed drivers.

Wolff: "There are so many points to be scored throughout the year that Saturday can of course be decisive for the World Cup, but we don't know that." He advocates waiting for the practical test first.

Former Formula 1 designer Gary Anderson, on the other hand, is already critical of the series’s attempt to integrate an additional race into the weekend. Tenor: The concept must be "thoroughly revised" in order to be sustainable at all.