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While surfing with the smartphone or tablet requires thumb work, when using a desktop PC without a mouse, nothing usually works. The PC mouse is the indispensable toolto operate graphical user interfaces of all kinds. The mouse is used for navigation as well as to select commands and to breathe life into the protagonists of the currently popular games. The wide range of applications for PC mice has contributed to the development of different models over time.

Find out which ones in this article Types of pc mice there is and what is important in a PC mouse test.

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the essentials in brief
  • The most important task of a PC mouse is to control the cursor on the screen. In its simplest form, a mouse also offers a scroll wheel to move within the content of the screen. There are also two function keys available.
  • Some of the PC mice are specially designed for the needs of right-handers. A smaller part is suitable for left-handers. With the appropriate keyboard layout, many of the mice can be used with either the right or left hand.
  • The standard version of the PC mouse is connected to a USB port on the computer via a cable. The wireless models, which are wirelessly connected to the computer, allow more freedom of movement while working on the PC. Another type of PC mouse is the gaming mouse. Gaming mice are equipped with programmable buttons and also have a lot to offer visually.

Regardless of which hand you use your mouse, you will find it on the market a variety of different models for a wide range of applications. Particularly small mice as a supplement to the touchpad of a notebook are available as well as gamer mice and keyboards, for example from Roccat. If you want your hardware to be easy to handle, you will find a large selection of wireless models. Wireless mice are ready for use quickly and do not require an extra connection.

1. Wired, wireless or for gaming?

Cable connection ensures reliability

With a wireless mouse, you benefit from additional freedom of movement at the desk. However, transmission errors can repeatedly lead to brief interruptions in the radio connection. The models with cables usually do not have to deal with these problems. The cable connection ensures safe and fast data transfer between the computer and the mouse. Wired mice show their strengths both in gaming and in time-critical tasks in the office area.

In our PC-mouse comparison on BILD.de you can find some of the particularly popular models from the current tests of PC mice. These include PC mice with cables as well as wireless PC mice, ergonomic PC mice and PC mice for gaming.

If you test different PC mice yourself, you will quickly find out the advantages and disadvantages of the individual types. While a PC mouse with a cable has a particularly reliable and fast data transfer scores, a wireless PC mouse offers a lot of freedom of movement during work. A PC mouse for gaming has additional programmable macro keys that can be assigned game-specific commands. An ergonomic PC mouse reduces the strain on hands and arms while working on the PC.

In the overview table on BILD.de you will find the most important types of PC mice:

PC mouse typeproperties
Wired PC mouse
  • secure connection type
  • fast data transfer
  • Allocation of a USB slot
  • favorable purchase price
Wireless PC mouse
  • Connection via radio receiver
  • USB port is required
  • Freedom of movement while working with the PC
  • less cables on the desk
Gaming pc mouse
  • additional macro buttons
  • illuminated controls
  • stylish design
  • comparatively expensive

2. How do wireless PC mice convince in PC mouse tests?

In the comparison on BILD.de you will find some wireless mice from the current tests of mice for the PC, the Distances of up to ten meters bridge. Another advantage of Bluetooth PC mice is the reduction in cable clutter on the desk.

Regardless of whether it is a bluetooth mouse or a wired mouse, the PC mouse will connected to a USB port on the computer. The connection is made either via cable or via a radio receiver or dongle.

In principle, there is also the possibility of operate a PC without a mouse. However, controlling a desktop PC via the screen is usually a cumbersome affair. If you invest a little time testing different PC mice, you will find the right mouse type for your purposes.

This can be an ergonomic mouse with a trackball as well as a gaming mouse or a simple mouse from Logitech. Depending on your predisposition, the mouse should be suitable for right-handed or left-handed users. If several people work with the mouse, one ambidextrous mouse be the right solution.

If you are looking for a PC mouse for CAD applications, the look of the mouse will only play a subordinate role. With a mouse for gaming, on the other hand, illuminated controls and the number of possible colors are just as important as these Number of programmable keys and the maximum resolution (in dpi).

2.1. Wired PC mouse - inexpensive and reliable

The wired mice are characterized by high reliability in terms of data transmission. In addition, the simple models are particularly cheap.

  • low purchase price
  • high transfer rates
  • reliable data transmission
  • Tangled cables
  • small radius of action

2.2. Wireless PC mouse - freedom of movement thanks to wireless connection

The wireless PC mice are connected to the PC via a small radio receiver. you ensure a lot of freedom of movement during work, but also need an additional voltage source in the form of a rechargeable battery or a battery.

  • large radius of action
  • Reduction of cable clutter at the desk
  • Freedom of movement while working
  • additional voltage source
  • Data transmission interruptions

2.3. Gaming PC mouse - additional function keys and stylish design

The PC mice offer to play additional programmable function keyswith the help of which entire command chains can be processed quickly and reliably. In addition, the gaming scene attaches great importance to trendy hardware with a corresponding design.

  • attractive appearance
  • additional macro functions
  • illuminated controls
  • higher purchase price
  • Set-up effort

3. Are there inexpensive input devices for less than five euros?

The particularly cheap PC mice from the current tests of PC mice are already available for a few euros. These are usually simple wired models, for example PC mice from Logitech, without any special features. But even if you suspect the best PC mouse among the wireless mice for your purposes, you don't have to spend more than ten euros.

Before buying a pc mouse you should consider its requirements Your personal PC mouse test winnershould have grown. If you are unsure which criteria play a role in the selection, purchase advice can bring clarity.

Also something of your own Research on the Internet is by no means out of place. Although the test experts from Stiftung Warentest and Ökotest currently do not have any current computer mouse tests to offer, product reviews for a large number of different models can be found on the major online marketplaces.

We have a list of popular brands and manufacturers Compiled for you in 2021, in which you will find some alternatives to the well-known PC mice from Logitech:

  • Titan Wolf
  • CLS
  • Microsoft
  • HP
  • Hama
  • Dell
  • Razer
  • Logitech

The ergonomics of a PC mouse is usually given little importance. However, if you work with a PC mouse for many hours every day, you should choose a model that suits the way you work and fits comfortably in your hand. Choosing an unsuitable model can lead to misalignments of the hand over time and, as a result, to protracted orthopedic diseases.

4. Interesting questions about PC mice - what should you know?

4.1. How do you clean a PC mouse?

To avoid damaging the sensitive electronics, clean a PC mouse preferably with a soft, dry cloth. If there is stubborn dirt on the mouse, you can also use one of the foam cleaners available especially for electronic parts.

4.2. What does dpi mean for a PC mouse?

If you take a closer look at a test of PC mice, you will come across the term dpi. Dpi is a measure of the resolution and means dots per inch, i.e. points per inch. This means the number of controllable points on an area of ​​2.54 × 2.54 centimeters.

Tip: PC mice that offer additional programmable buttons are popular among gamers. These buttons can be used to program individual commands, but also entire command sequences in the form of macros. Additional macro keys can also be of great help if you have to do recurring tasks on the computer in everyday office life. This includes, for example, the formatting of letters or tables.

Linus Tech Tips says about our comparison winner

Does the PC mouse comparison provide an overview of the entire range of manufacturers in the PC mouse category?

We attach great importance to providing an overview of the entire range of PC mouse products in our PC mouse comparison. That is why you will find PC mice from 5 different manufacturers with us. More information "

What does the most expensive PC mouse cost, which is taken into account in the comparison?

The most expensive PC mouse from our comparison costs around 75 euros and offers convincing product features. If you value high quality, you should also take a look at our comparison winner Logitech G502 HERO gaming mouse for around 55 euros. More information "

Which PC mouse from the product comparison has so far prompted most customers to write a review?

The Logitech G502 HERO gaming mouse is the PC mouse in the product comparison, which motivated most customers to leave a review: The total of approx. 28,650 customer testimonials can help to get a differentiated picture of the product. More information "

How often was the editorial team able to give a PC mouse from the product comparison the top grade "VERY GOOD"?

According to the strict criteria of our editorial team, the top grade "VERY GOOD" could not only be awarded once, but 6 times. These 6 PC mice have earned the top rating: Logitech G502 HERO Gaming Mouse, Apple Magic Mouse 2, Logitech M500s, Logitech MX Anywhere 3, Logitech B100 and PASONOMI 24G-TCLED. More information "

PC mice in the test or comparison - all products at a glance

modelMax. ResolutionTypeOrder a PC mouse
Logitech G502 HERO gaming mouse (comparison winner)16,000 dpiGaming mouseTo Amazon
To eBay
Apple Magic Mouse 21,300 dpiMultimedia / wireless mouseTo Amazon
To eBay
Logitech M500s4,000 dpiMultimedia mouseTo Amazon
To eBay
Logitech MX Anywhere 34,000 dpiMultimedia / wireless mouseTo Amazon
To eBay
Logitech B100 (price-performance winner)800 dpiMultimedia mouseTo Amazon
To eBay
PASONOMI 24G-TCLED2,400 dpiMultimedia / wireless mouseTo Amazon
To eBay
Microsoft Surface Mobile Mouse KGY-000521,800 dpiMultimedia / wireless mouseTo Amazon
To eBay
LOGITECH M570 - EWR2K. A.Multimedia / wireless mouseTo Amazon
To eBay
Logitech M1871,000 dpiWireless / mini mouseTo Amazon
To eBay
Logitech M3251,000 dpiMultimedia / wireless mouseTo Amazon
To eBay
ECHTPower JQ-GM-T203,200 dpiMultimedia mouseTo Amazon
To eBay

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