Where do you buy your women's tights

our solution

The problem: stockings that wear out quickly

You got stuck somewhere with your tights again? If things go really bad, you've just pulled it over your first leg and the first thread is hanging on your fingernail. As a precaution, you put a replacement in your pocket, because better safe than sorry. After a while, annoying pressure points become wide and in places where the tights shouldn't actually sit. You keep looking in the mirror and hope that it doesn't show under your dress - the pantyhose dilemma is perfect again.

Tights have not only become disposable, they also have a bad reputation: short-lived, uncomfortable, unsexy. We decided to do better and find a solution to all of these problems.

The tights highlights at a glance

The material is super robust and durable. Due to the special manufacturing process, a battalion Belette pantyhose lasts much longer than conventional models.

The extended covenant makes all Bataillon Belette tights particularly comfortable and ensures that they do not cut in.

The flat comfort seam does not leave any marks on the skin and remains invisible even under figure-hugging clothing.

The reinforced panty part with sewn-in gusset gives the tights the necessary resilience. It is optimally short so that nothing protrudes from under shorts or skirts.

The fit puts legs and bottom in the limelight. The Bataillon Belette pantyhose sits a little more hip and doesn't sag between the legs.

The label is sewn on the outside of the waistband. This prevents the usual scratching of the skin and gives your battalion Belette tights the feel-good factor.

The heart is the distinguishing feature of every battalion Belette pantyhose. You can keep the little secret knitted into the left thigh carefully or use it consciously.