How to store jewelry

4 tips - store jewelry properly

An outfit is only perfect when the right jewelry is worn.

A nice dress, cheeky pants or a playful top will become an eye-catcher.

But: How can you properly store jewelry?

Of course, women own many different pieces of jewelry, but over time it can happen that they lose their beauty and quality. Unfortunately, this is mostly due to inadequate storage.

# 1 Proper storage

First and foremost, it is important that you buy a box, box or something similar for your women's jewelry. There you can store and protect the jewelry. But proper cleaning is also important.

Cotton towels and a mild soap are especially essential.

Depending on the type of jewelry, silver paste, toothbrushes and other special cleaners are added.

# 2 clean, maintain, and repair

How to store correctly:

Women's jewelry such as rings or earrings must not just be left lying around, all jewelry should be kept in a lockable box. Even the cheap one Costume jewelry.

The reason is very simple, because both light and oxygen promote the oxidation of the material. Now it happens that unsightly stains form.

It is best to keep the jewelry separately from each other so that you store silver with silver and gold with gold.

You also need to clean your jewelry regularly.

Most pieces of jewelry can be washed down with clean water. Now use a cotton cloth to remove dirt.

At silver you should help with a silver paste. After a few years, brown-yellow discoloration can appear.

Costume jewelry is, however, very easy to care for. To do this, however, you have to clean gemstones with a toothbrush. Thanks to this, you get into the gaps.

But also the repair must not be neglected. Every time you clean it, check that the piece of jewelry is still intact.

If this is not the case, let a specialist do the work. Of course, only in women's jewelry that is worth it.

# 3 Protect from tarnishing

How do you protect your jewelry?

A big problem with jewelry is tarnishing, because the discoloration is not particularly nice.

Of course, you can also remove these in many cases, but it is better to take precautionary measures so that it doesn't even come to that.

Silver jewelry in particular is very vulnerable.

The greatest enemy of silver is oxygen. This reacts with the material and leads to oxidation, which soon shows up in stains.

That is why you need to keep silver jewelry in a cool and air-protected place. A drawer or a cupboard can also help.

Important is that as little oxygen as possible penetrates the women's jewelry.

Even costume jewelry is not protected from tarnishing. Since these are mostly cheap pieces of jewelry, you do not have to treat them separately.

Often it is sufficient if you apply a layer of clear lacquer or clear nail polish and thus prevent your sweat from causing the material to tarnish.

# 4 The special treatment of materials

You can't handle every jewelry material the same way.

For example gold, because if you store gold on cotton wool, the pieces can easily tarnish. Therefore, a sufficiently large jewelry box without cotton wool is perfect. Cotton is better because it protects the material.

At silver you can, however, help with a little chalk or aluminum foil.

The task of the materials is to protect the silver and prevent the brown-yellow coating. Also, you need to keep silver jewelry airtight.

It continues to jewelry with Gemstones. They look very nice, but if they come into contact with other rings, chains and the like, they can scratch the material.

Gold in particular shows fine scratches from precious stones. Therefore always keep these separately.

Costume jewelry do not need to be specially treated.

The bottom line

You shouldn't leave the house without jewelry, but unsightly discoloration, scratches or other damage can quickly put a spanner in the works of the perfect outfit.

Therefore, you should keep pieces of jewelry in a suitable jewelry box or box, whether fashion jewelry or from the jewelry designer.

Preferably in an airtight, dark and dry place.

What tips do you have for storing your favorite jewelry? Share it with us in the comments.