Estonians consider themselves Scandinavians

Scandinavian countries

We offer our customers a high quality and fast transport service for both full and partial loads and small shipments in all Scandinavian countries. We are ready to work in harsh winter conditions because our trucks and trailers are equipped with all the necessary systems to ensure that your goods arrive on time.

  • The transport time is calculated from the day of departure
  • Loading of full loads takes place depending on the agreement with the transport manager of the transport company
Transport directionM.D.M.D.F.Transport time
Estonia Finlandxxxxx1-3 days
Finland-Estoniaxxxxx1-3 days
Estonia-Swedenxxxxx1-4 days
Sweden-Estoniaxxxxx1-4 days
Estonia Norwayxxxxx1-4 days
Norway-Estoniaxxxxx1-4 days
Transport directionM.D.M.D.F.Transport time
Estonia-Denmarkxx3 to 4 days
Denmark-Estoniaxx3 to 4 days

NB! Our time tables are not to be viewed as time-bound promises